Elphinstone Summit Trail Meadow Boardwalk

The Elphinstone Summit Trail meadow boardwalk has been built! The Elphinstone Summit Trail is an authorized trail under the SCTS to be maintained by the Mt Elphinstone Summit Trail volunteers.

Thanks to our trail building volunteers: Peter Cave, Graham Starsage, Bob Ewart, Jonas Gobeil, Matt Lovegrove, Dick Culbert, Fernando and Marco Degnan. Also Justin the helicopter pilot, and the folks at Airspan and Gibsons Building Supplies who gave us good deals. And all the other enablers: Elise Rudland and the SC Trails Society, Warren Hansen, Carolyn Mortensen, Dave Lasser and last, but never least, Alistair McCrone, our Recreation Officer, who manages approx. one kazillion hectares of forest from Whistler to Egmont.
– Donna McMahon

Before – Meadow looking north

Meadow looking north

The drop

Helicopter drop

Peter Cave putting in the footings for the boardwalk.


After – Meadow looking north

AFTER - Meadow looking north