BC Timber Sales – Five Year Plan

Adam Hockin, a Planning Forester from BC Timber Sales (BCTS) met with the SC Trails Society to discuss their five year plan. BCTS has committed to meeting with the Trails Society yearly to give us access to their plans and an opportunity to voice any concerns.

The BCTS site can be found here. https://www.for.gov.bc.ca/bcts/ and the Sunshine Coast is under the Chinook Business Area. The following map represents their five year plan BCTS 2016 Five Year Plan.

We have projected the same cut block plans onto a base map that contains, at least some of our local trails. This view is simpler to follow in some areas. BCTS 2016 Five Year Plan – With trails.

Adam Hocking requested that comments about the plan be funneled through the Trails Society. If you have any comments or concerns on the plan please email us at @ mail@sctrails.ca.