Pender Harbour Trail Signage

Pender_Harbour_SignThe Pender Harbour Hikers, in conjunction with the Pender Harbour Advisory Council, received $35,000 from Community Forests to enhance the almost non-existent trail signage in Pender Harbour.

At the time the project started, there were many trails but they were in need of clearing, there were few trail signs and the Sunshine-Coast-Trails maps did not include many of them. The hiking club has GPSd most of the trails and had them included on the website (and app), has put up signs on most of the trails, and opened up trails that had not been cleared in years.

The funding is to cover 8 kiosks plus the 4’x8’ trail maps of the specific area in which they are being installed, or trail maps of the entire Pender Harbour trail network at various locations like the pull outs on the highway North and South of Pender Harbour, in Madeira Park, at the start of the Suncoaster.

Pender Harbour Hikers hope to have all the kiosks built, all through volunteer labour, and installed with signage, by Summer 2016.