Keeping the trails safe – Mach Chicken

Recently warning signs were put up on the downhill bike trail Mach Chicken.

The signing was done in the name of safety and in an effort to reduce the hiker/rider conflict of people walking up the trail. With the confluence of the Health Trail onto the bike trail, hikers have unintentionally wandered up the trail and although no accidents have occurred to date, near misses have happened. Mach Chicken is a designated downhill bike trail under a Section 57 permit and SCTS has the mandate to restrict uses where necessary to protect the public or the environment from harm. The signs and approval came from Rec, Sites and Trails BC.

We acknowledge that many trails have been built and maintained by various groups (mainly by mountain bikers and moto riders) on Mt Elphinstone, and we welcome other users to share our love of using these lovely, simple and quiet trails; however on Mach Chicken where bikers can reach speeds faster than most people would dare to drive a car down a logging road, we need to acknowledge that safety to the users is a top priority. As the trail is windy, encounters will likely take the form of a trail user being surprised that there is almost no time to get off trail and if walking dogs, no time to gather and leash them. We would like to have these encounters not occur at all, and in essence, by signing this trail, is warning of what a person walking up this trail should expect the risk and be accountable for the consequences to both the rider, themselves and their pets.