President’s Report 2020

It has been a tricky year for gatherings and meetings, but a great year for getting outdoors. The trails have been busy and it is thanks to all of you volunteers who continue to steward the trail system so trails remain accessible and safe. Please don’t forget to record your individual or group trail maintenance hours on our website 

It’s important not only to know what work has done but it gives us leverage in project funding and community support. Also, if any group is planning an organized trail maintenance day, please email the membership

Here are some of the activities the board has undertaken this past year.

1.  Trail inspections. As part of our obligation with the Rec Sites and Trails BC, we undertook the first annual trail assessment (for section 56 & 57s) for trails that are under SCTS management. This assessment will form the work plan for future trail maintenance days. 

2. Workshops. We received funding support from SCRD and Community Forest ($3,500 each) to put on two courses this fall season. 

Chainsaw Safety and Maintenance. This was a 2-day certification course, there were ten participants.

Trail Assessment and Maintenance. This 2-day course is scheduled to be run the weekend of Oct 24/25 and is open to 20 participants.

3. Timber Harvest. Earlier in the year we met with BCTS’s representative who presented their 5 year cutblock plan.  Active logging in Roberts Creek has impacted some trails (BCTS assured us trails will be cleared of slash, it appears this has been done) and they will grade the BnK parking area (Oct 20).

4. Commercial tenure application. Along with other groups on the coast we were asked by SCRD for input to this application. While there’s benefit to the community to have commercial organized rides on the coast we feel it’s important these operators contribute monetarily to trail maintenance, and that there be an open and public review process of their impact over time. (The applicant was not successful at this time).

5. Shared Use. We have held a few meetings to discuss and agree upon the best approach to designating trails for shared use, or primary, where appropriate. The idea here is that these are shared trails we maintain to a common standard so they are safe and usable for all. At the last meeting the reps were asked to go back to their groups to come up with a list of trails that are most important to keep as multi use. 

6. We have been invited to submit a grant application to CERIP under Destination BC funding. The deadline is Oct 29, it is our intention to apply for two projects; washroom facility at BnK parking area, and trail signage improvements.

It was our intention to hold a meeting to look at the society’s future direction; it did not happen this year. We believe there’s great value still in having an umbrella organization but we want to ensure we avoid redundancy, keep our member groups interested and involved, and provide leadership where we can while not duplicating other efforts. 

On behalf of the executive,

Julie Davidson, Chair