The Sunshine Coast Trails Society made an SCRD Grant In Aid application with a local trail builder for a bike trailer and mesh for the trails. It is already being put to good use! Thanks to the SCRD for supporting our local trail heros!  

SCRD Grant In Aid Money Put To Good Use

Recently warning signs were put up on the downhill bike trail Mach Chicken. The signing was done in the name of safety and in an effort to reduce the hiker/rider conflict of people walking up the trail. With the confluence of the Health Trail onto the bike trail, hikers have […]

Keeping the trails safe – Mach Chicken

The Wormy Lake Walking Path Trail is really starting to take shape. Getting the trail to this point has taken a little longer than originally anticipated but the trail should be fully completed mid-July . SCUMB has led two work parties finishing sections that had been roughed in with the mini excavator.A […]

Wormy 150 Trail Progress

BC Timber Sales (BCTS) has updated their five year plan which is available online and available for comment through April 17th. The BCTS plan site can be found here: We have projected the same cut block plans onto a base map that contains, at least some of our local trails. […]

BC Timber Sales – Five year plan – 2017

The Sunshine Coast Trails Society has received a $13,000 Canada 150 grant to build a trail around Wormy Lake. To qualify, the Trails Society needed to be sponsored by a charity, the Rotary Club of Sechelt Foundation, and have matching dollars in place thanks to the S C Community Forest ($15,000) and […]

Wormy Lake Trail