Halfmoon Bay Greenways

A group of volunteers working on a trail system  through crown land, connecting HMB settlement areas  to each other, to the school and eventually to Sechelt.

What are Greenways ?
Networks of green space in sustainable communities.
Community Greenways are linear green corridors that connect natural areas of greenspace to provide wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. Greenway Planning is a way of planning that creates linkages between human development and natural systems. Greenways include trails in some areas and no public access in other areas. In practice, greenways are created as a part of an integrated approach to land planning – balancing the needs of human communities and natural systems.

HMB Greenways Successes:

  1. Raised  $17,500  and lobbied  the SCRD to purchase lot 13 besides Halfmoon Creek to preserve our  community walkway,   protect fish habitat and doubling  the size of the existing SCRD Park at the head of the Bay.
  2. Negotiated  with the Ministry of Forests to allocate crown land areas around Smugglers Cove Park and Homesite Creek Falls  as Old Growth Management Areas, thereby helping protect the biodiversity of the Coastal Douglas Fir in  this area.
  3. Sponsored  a memorial bench at the Homesite Creek Falls.
  4. In partnership with the Halfmoon Bay Citizens Society  installed signage in Connor Park, Big Tree Crowston Loop trail and Homesite Nature Trails ( SCRD) , interpretive signs the Sargeants Bay Society and the Iris Griffith Centre.
  5. Signed on with the SCRD’s  Adopt a Trail Program,  responsible for the Homesite Creek Nature Trails and the Big Tree/Crowston Lake/Beaver Pond Loop Trail .
  6. Have available for loan, an Extractigator for broom removalhttp://www.extractigator.com/

Halfmoon Bay Greenways Brochure

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