Volunteer Registration

The SCTS values groups who volunteer to contribute their time and energy to keep our sanctioned trails clean and safe. We have undertaken to cover general liability and disability insurance for those volunteers who have signed this registration form and perform regular maintenance on the trails listed below. By registering as a volunteer you agree to work with the SCTS as a team to perform duties that will make our outdoor facilities enjoyable for all users. It is understood that no trees greater than 6 inch diameter are to be felled.

Trails covered by our insurance program are listed below.

Section 102

Datsun Alley, Little Knives, Roller Coaster, HWY 102, HWY 103 (Gibsons Trail  (REC 16052 section 1 & 2), 1st Camp/Tramway Trail (Rec 3212), Smugglers Cove/Truman Loop

Section 57 Authorized Trails

Trailfest Wagon Rd (bypass included), Mexican Jumping Bean, Dude’s Bypass, 2nd Step, Pumpkin Patch, Black Tower, Guy’s Gulch, Up & Over, Upper Tube, Pump it Up, Mt Elphinstone Summit